26 Reasons Wiper Blades are the Perfect Christmas gift

(Full disclosure, we’re probably a little biased)

Christmas is coming up fast, but you've got just enough time to organise that last-minute gift.

Look, full disclosure, we're probably a little biased, but here are 26 reasons we reckon wiper blades are the perfect Christmas gift...

1. They're specifically designed for their car (so they can't be re-gifted).

2. You can show off and fit them for them (fitting them is super easy, but they don't know that...)

3. No one else will think of it. 🤔

4. They'll think fondly of you every time it rains (and every time they clear bird crap off their windscreen).

5. Their car will go faster (note: red paint may also help). 😉

6. You can get the gift sorted right now (no more wasting time looking for something else).

7. Wipers are actually useful (sorry Aunt Mary those hand-knitted mittens you got me last year are great.)

8. (Similar to a rain dance) new wipers may increase rainfall if you wish for it. 🕺

9. Useful for unexpected sword fights.

10. No one (like, literally no one) likes bad, squeaky wipers.

11. It’s the perfect gift for someone who 'doesn't want anything' or doesn’t know what they want.

12. It's healthier than chocolate. 🍫

13. Most people need them (wipers tend to be neglected, and most are worn out and due for replacement).

14. They're on budget, especially with our $10 off offer (see coupon below).

15. They make a handy middle stump for backyard cricket. 🏏

16. You can wave goodbye to wipers that screech and smear water across the windscreen.

17. Wiper blades sound seriously cool in Spanish "limpiaparabrisas" 🇪🇸

18. Because there are at least 25 other documented reasons.

19. Useful if you run out of arrows for your bow. 🏹

20. Ordering is really easy, and they’ll be delivered fast, especially with our free express shipping offer (see coupon below). ⚡️

21. They’ll actually get used (unlike most gift cards).

22. Wiper blades backwards is sedalb repiw - which to my understanding roughly translates in German as ‘the best Christmas gift’ 😏

23. They come delivered in cool packaging, ready to go straight under the tree.

24. You can make their Christmas holiday road trip a little safer.

25. Useful for Javelin practice.

26. Having wipers that perfectly clear your windscreen is seriously satisfying, once you’ve got great wipers no one goes back.

So there you are... 26 reasons why wiper blades are a great Christmas gift.

Can you think of any others? Let me know! Seriously… email me (my colleagues were no help with this).

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