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Wipertech was born from the belief that:

Every driver deserves the best wiper blades money can buy.


It sounds straightforward, because it is. We were sick of poor quality DIY replacements and pricey dealership alternatives. You wouldn’t pay someone to replace your shaving blades, and you certainly wouldn’t settle for a patchy shave. So why should wiper blades be any different?

It seemed that people were either getting overwhelmed by the complexity of choice, or disillusioned by crappy blades, leading them to give up and foot the bill for a dealership replacement. But, like them, we were sick of being swindled by the middleman. We wanted to shed the shackles of a convoluted process and embrace a smoother, more seamless journey, free from squeaks and smears.

In 2009, Vijay decided enough was enough. He set out to change the wiper blade game altogether. More specifically, to put the power back in the drivers’ hands (and less money 
in the dealerships’ pockets).

Finally, a straightforward solution

That solution was Wipertech ­– an online store where drivers like you could search for front and back wipers by make and model instead of obscure measurements. And rather than overcomplicating things by stocking a heap of different parts, such as wiper arms, we only do what we do best ­– sell nothing but supremely good wiper blades.


A premium natural rubber design

Instead of the kind of hit-and-miss quality you tend to find at dealerships and auto shops, each of our Wipertech wiper blade sets is made with the highest-quality natural rubber, coated with graphite and Teflon. So while you may not be able to wipe away all of life’s little dilemmas, you can still expect a silent, streak-free sweep each and every time.


An unbelievably easy 5-minute fix

And just to prove how redundant the pricey middleman is,
we designed quality blades that anyone could easily replace 
in under five minutes. And because a big part of what drove people to dealerships was a fear of stuffing up the swap, 
we’ve made an instruction video for every wiper we sell
– to help you take back control.


Millions of happy customers

Our customers love us for the simple fact that we deliver on
our promise of providing the best wiper blades money can
buy. And we do that by using top quality materials, avoiding manufacturing shortcuts, offering fast delivery, and sweetening the deal with a no-fuss comprehensive 1-year warranty. But why take our word for it when you could just read their 5-star reviews?


But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, we didn’t do all of this overnight.

Superior quality still remains our focus

We made our millionth sale of wiper blades

Wipertech hit the New Zealand market

Our warehouse was upgraded to meet demand

Our eBay store was launched and sales boomed

Wipertech was born (to raise the bar for quality)

Ready to be blown away by how easy it is to install
our premium quality wiper blades?

Find premium wiper blades for my car

Find perfect-fitting, premium-quality wiper blades for your car

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