We like to keep things pretty simple, and our warranty is no different.

If something is off, we’ll get it sorted right away and make sure things are as easy as possible.

For a summary of our returns policy, please see our Returns policy page.

If you have any questions about our products, warranty or have had any issue with a product please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Products covered by this warranty

All Wipertech products including wiper blades and accessories (“Products”) are covered by this warranty.

Duration of warranty

Our warranty runs for 1-year beginning on the date of purchase. We also offer a ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee’ which means if your wipers don't fit perfectly, we’ll happily organise a fast and easy exchange or refund. More details on this can be viewed here.

Who this warranty extends to

The warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser of the Product only and is not transferable to anyone else. The warranty covers you (as that purchaser), whilst you own the relevant Product, for the warranty period set out above, provided you use that Product only for its normal intended purpose.

What this warranty covers

The warranty covers you against the following defects in materials and/or workmanship and performance issues (together, "Defects"):

  • Split or broken rubber.
  • Broken or damaged wiper blade connectors or end caps.
  • Wiper blades that miss sections of the windscreen, and/or do not effectively clear water from the screen, causing streaking, smearing or similar.

The warranty also covers shipment and supply issues including:

  • Products that arrive damaged or are lost in transit.
  • Products supplied that are the incorrect fit for the specified vehicle (although if an incorrect fit results from an error by you or a third party you’ve engaged, we may ask you to cover the return shipping costs).

What this warranty does not cover

The warranty does not cover (and to the extent the law allows, we have no liability for) any damage to a vehicle or injury or death of a person related to the installation or use of the Products - for instance, damage to a car windscreen during the installation of the wiper blades and/or normal use.

The process of a warranty claim and your responsibilities

To apply under the warranty, you must contact us in writing and we will advise of the next steps. You may be required to provide us with proof of purchase and evidence of the Defect (including that it occurred during the warranty period, if that period has expired by the time you notify us).

On being notified of a warranty claim, we’ll generally:

    • Attempt to fix the Defect with troubleshooting advice, or
    • If this is not suitable, offer a full replacement including any shipping costs or give you a full refund (at your option).

In many cases, we won’t require you to return the Defective Product, however, if we do, we’ll cover the cost of return postage (provided the Defect is covered by the warranty).

Exclusive warranty and limits on our liability

This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty we give, and all other warranties (including statutory or implied warranties) are excluded to the extent allowed by law. If you are a consumer, you may have certain rights under consumer law that cannot be excluded by law, and nothing in this warranty affects those rights – however, to the extent the law allows, your sole remedy is limited to us repairing or replacing the Defective Product, or paying you the cost of doing so (at our option).

No employee, agent, dealer, or other person is authorised to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Wipertech.

To the extent allowed by law, in no event will we ever be responsible or liable to you or any other person for any:

    • business losses, if you are a consumer and not a business customer,
    • indirect or consequential losses, or any loss of profit, revenue, contracts, data, goodwill, opportunity, use or other similar losses,
    • failure to perform, or delay in performing, any obligation under any contract we have with you (“Contract”), that is caused by events outside our reasonable control; and/or
    • losses you or any third parties suffer arising from any Contract, which exceed the purchase price of the relevant Product(s) - and our liability is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time your order is accepted by us.

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