Would you pay someone to replace the batteries in your TV remote?

By Vijay Sep 13, 2021

You wouldn't. So why are you paying someone to replace your wipers?

Every year, people all over Australia fork out big bucks for a 'professional' to replace their wipers.

The reality is, changing your wiper blades doesn't require special expertise or niche skills – it's as simple as changing a toilet roll or switching your air freshener.

Wipertech wiper blades not only offer effortlessly smooth strokes, but they are also seamless to switch over – no 'expert' required.

Plus, getting new wiper blades for your car is as simple as:

STEP 1: Selecting your car make and model.

WPT06 1 car type FA

STEP 2: Hitting the order button.

WPT06 1 order FA

STEP 3: Receiving and fitting them to your vehicle.

WPT06 1 delivery FA

When you buy Wipertech wipers, not only are you purchasing the best blades money can buy and receiving the peace of mind of a 12 month warranty, you’ll also receive a video showing you exactly how to make the change yourself on a car that's like yours. Like this one:

See? So simple. In addition to being super easy to replace, Wipertech wiper blades are also:

Designed to fit your car perfectly.

WPT06 1 fit FA

Designed to endure, perform and last.

WPT06 1 endure FA

Protected by Australia's best warranty.

WPT06 1 no1 aus FA

So don’t doubt yourself – you alone have the power to change your own blades and save yourself big money while doing it.

Ready to be blown away by how easy it is to install our premium quality wiper blades?

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Vijay Sitaram is a car lover at heart and has spent the last 12 years fitting, designing, testing and thinking about wiper blades. He holds a Bachelor's degree and honours in Automotive Engineering from RMIT University and is the founder of Wipertech, Australia's #1 rated Vehicle Accessory store. You can find Vijay on LinkedIn here.

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Vijay Sep 13, 2021
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