Fair Dinkum Wiper Blades

Australian Bloke with Ute and Sausage

Crap wipers are about as fun as breaking your thongs, running out of stubby holders and forgetting the mozzie spray... 🦟

In fact, most blades are fair dinkum rooted and due for a change. ⏰

Your wipers work harder than a dunny on curry night 🚽, and they wear out.

Even when it’s not raining, that bloody Aussie sun really hits wiper rubber for six. 🏏

Don’t be a dingbat who gets caught in the rain with old worn-out wipers and a windscreen as clear as mud.

You’ll be seeing better in the rain than Steve Smith sees them on the G! 😎


Don’t know your car from a bar of soap? Good news changing blades is easy.

We even send you a video on how to do it. Bob’s your uncle! 👍

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