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Making Australian roads safer

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Benefits of buying from Wipertech

Free door to door delivery, nationwide.Save time for what is important

Save up to 70% over retail and dealership prices

Years of experience in testing wiper blades. We only sell wiper blades that have been thoroughly field-tested

Knowledgeable customer service.Confidence in knowing you will get the right wiper blades

Our knowledge in wiper blades means you get an up-to-date range of quality replacement wiper blades and accessories

Wholly Australian owned and operated.Our wiper blades are specifically chosen for the Australian climate

People behind Wipertech

Vijay Sitaram

Product development

David Guo

Head of customer service

History of the company

  • June 2009
    After growing frustrated with the prices of good wiper blades in Australia, childhood friends David and Vijay decided to start selling quality wiper blades for affordable prices. Wipertech was registered in june 2009.
  • Mid 2010
    Started selling wiper blades to car mechanics and repair shops.
  • Sept 2010
    Opened a store on eBay. Being the first company in Australia to sell wipers by car model instead of size and type, sales got off the ground fast.
  • Dec 2010
    Online sales gradually picked up and Wipertech became a success. However, we soon realised that most of our customers were looking for wiper blades for late-model Europan and locally-made cars. We contacted over 30 suppliers and rigorously field tested all of the available wiper blade models. This was the beginning of Wipertech truefit and Aeroflex wiper blade range
  • June 2012
    Rapid evolution in logistics. Rented warehouses all across Australia, which gave us the ability to start offering free next-day delivery, nationwide.
  • July 2012
    Customers began to ask about specific-fit rear wiper blades for their cars. This was the start of the Wipertech Truefit Rear wiper blade range.
  • October 2012
    Wipertech.com.au was launched, being the first dedicated Australian-based website for selling wiper blades online.
  • Mar 2015
    Launch of new website
  • Feb 2016
    Wipertech launches in the New Zealand market

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